Brad hits new top speed record at Mugello and takes 11th in the Sprint Race

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The spectacular horsepower haven of Mugello was the setting for round six of 2023 MotoGP but also another strong and competitive display by Red Bull KTM Factory Racing. Brad Binder was 11th after suffering a Long Lap penalty but used the engineering of but used the engineering of the KTM RC16 to clock a new all-time top speed record of 366.1kmph (227.4mph).

The sixth round of the current 2023 MotoGP series represented the 37th time the world championship has rounded the fast curves of the 15-corner and 5.2km layout. The essence of Mugello and the curling and naturally set nature of the track has remained largely unchanged over the years while the 1.1km main straight has not only provided remarkable MotoGP sights but also pushed the speed limits in the class.

On this stage Red Bull KTM continued their push, Brad achieving Q2 distinction directly on Friday. A late crash for the South African in Q2 meant he had to accept 11th on the grid.

When it came time for the Sprint, 11 laps were filled with typically close and tense action and as drops of rain began to appear around sections of the circuit. Brad’s decent start was ruined after contact with Alex Marquez into Turn 1. Brad, who had previously finished 7th and 5th in his two MotoGP forays at Mugello, had to serve a Long Lap penalty and then set his top speed feat on the way back to 11th place.

Brad Binder
10th in qualification, 11th in the Sprint:

“I got a good start, went into the first turn and felt a bump on the outside. That was it. When I watched it back it looks like Alex [Marquez] went a bit too deep and was cutting back. I was looking right and holding my line. I should not have had a penalty. I feel sorry for Alex because you never want to be involved in compromising anybody’s race but that cost me points today. I wasn’t slow today! I could catch people and then try to pass them. I just lost time with the Long Lap. I know there are a few small things we can improve for tomorrow. The team have done an unreal job. The bike is a rocket, and it feels so good. It’s good to have the record again in our pocket: that’s the second time. I think we still have a couple more Ks!”